The battle between Apple can been seen in two separate ways. The first is its pure marketing of new phones and their brands. While many technology enthusiast have started noticing a war on specs being quality waged. The iPhone is now 3x faster than the previous version, and the Note 3 is even faster than any other phone on the market. Now these are important to consumers, at least thats what each marketing department wants you to believe. They hold some weight, but more than ever its a battle between who has the best apps. Who offers a phone with the best design. Who offers the most attractive deal. It’s a careful battle between phone companies, that has started to show its first wounds. BlackBerry, formerly RIM, was sold for a mere $4.7 billion. While Microsoft is throwing a hail mary to save Windows phone by purchasing Nokia. Google all the time has continued its slow but steady march to world domination. Apple has been chugging along with their large sacks of money.

If you’ve noticed each iPhone has gotten faster and faster, but what does that mean for you? Nothing. The phones may be getting faster, but few developers are taking full advantage of this power and speed in your hands. The apps being developed are more effective, better design, and adding advertisements. All the while your phone is sitting dormant waiting for some app to take full advantage of its processing power. The apps that trend on the Google Play store or the iTunes App store are simple free games with the occasional utility to make life easier. The latest gaming craze on iOs was dots, which did nothing special to take advantage of your super computer in your hand. Now I’m not taking away from how addicting the app is, I’m making the argument that there needs to be more apps that look beautiful and take advantage of the power of your phone.

Granted Apple did show off Infinity Blade III, which used all the processing power. And yes it looked beautiful, but then another problem arose. The battery’s are bigger and better these days, but they cannot handle the processors power consumption for very long. Now why would phone makers put processors, screens, and other components that require large amounts of power without a way to power them for very long? It’s about size in the end. The consumer has demanded thinner phones, and batteries need to be big to offer more power. The Galaxy Note 2 and 3 both have all day battery, or at least I was able to get the battery to last. Motorola has built the Droid Max to last a full day without having to charge. Phone users now carry around charging cables because they KNOW that their phones will not last the full day if they use it the way they should.

In short, a phone has to have a decent processor that can offer 1080p graphics. All the while, the phone needs to last more than 3 hours while playing those sort of games. Developers are not making better apps with graphics or using the full power of the processor because they don’t want to be the reason the users battery dies in a few short hours. That’s why other smart developers have built battery saving apps to ensure no one app is running too long, or using up to many resources.  We need better batteries to keep up with our plugged in lifestyle.

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