Before we start, I thought I should tell you guys a funny story. After doing a quick Google search for “OS X Mavericks” I found and article saying that Mavericks is coming with “new Macbook Pros and iPads.” (See Picture) When it gets to a point that theres so much misinformation that people think Mavericks will run on the iPad… Well, it’s time for us to write our own post on it! I hope you found that as funny as I did.

Let’s get right into it!
5) Multiple (freakin’) displays

It’s about time, Apple. Finally we will be able to plug in to another gigantic display and the windows will automatically resize after disconnecting! No more messing around trying to resize Photoshop CC after the bottom of the window went off the screen by 200 pixels… Not only will you now be able have your windows automatically resized, but each screen will have its own dedicated system bar on top!

4) Maps on Mac

I was a little reluctant to even include this one into the post… The reason being is that just five days ago iOS Maps took me five miles out of the way, and no, not making it longer than it could have, it actually said my destination was five more miles down the road. Minus the sucky maps, this is pretty cool. Being able to see flyovers is nice, but the best part is being able to plan out a trip and send the route straight to your iPhone.

3) Notifications the way they were meant to be!

Apple, why oh, why have you decided to add this into Mavericks but not iOS? Now you will be able to interact with notifications without having to go into the corresponding application. Small addition? Maybe, but it’s very useful and something much appreciated!

2) iCloud Keychain

Mavericks finally upgrades safari with someone Chrome users (like myself) have been in love with for a while now. iCloud will save your usernames and passwords to sites you log in to. This way we can all become more reliant on Apple, because we’re all going to be forgetting passwords now!

1) Smarter and more efficient technologies!

Coming in at #1 we’ve got the best feature of all, and the one you’ll notice the least. Mavericks comes with some awesome energy improvements that will delegate more CPU power to the place you need it most and take away the drain from that dumb flash game when you’re not playing it. There’s a slew of new features, check them all out on the official Apple page here!

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