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Gone are the days of renting DVD’S, Blueray’s and cable subscription’s, Nowadays it’s all about online streaming and the battle of who has exclusive content.Back in the days there used to three or four TV broadcasting companies making all the hit shows like Sopranos, Entourage, ER, Friends, etc.. Then came the birth of online video streaming services streaming through Youtube and on-demand video streaming services from Netflix, Amazon, Itunes, HBO now.

The reason for the uprising in competition for the online streaming space is mainly due to the disposable bandwidth available for today’s consumers.

Let us take a look at the growth of bandwidth from the year 1983 till 2013.

Online streaming
Taken from the Neilsen’s law of internet bandwidth






Neilsen’s law of internet bandwidth states that  Users’ bandwidth grows by 50% per year (10% less than Moore’s Law for computer speed).Apart from the growth in bandwidth, other factors like compression technologies, faster processors, cloud computing, content delivery networks have all played a vital role in the growth of these services.Remember not too long ago there was the battle between HDDVD & Blueray – the fight that the Blueray won hands down – is there anyone renting them or purchasing them?  Although the Blueray sales have been growing – but at a slower rate than one might have imagined with the revenue declining from 2013.Could the era of Full HD physical media be almost over? Or is it just going to be for the luxury of the videophiles? 


Amazon Streaming Products

Can we expect a new Super Duper Fullest HD physical medium shortly or are you going to be deciding between Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Itunes, HBO Now, Hulu, Vudu, Showtime and a Dozen more out there

Good luck finding your right online streaming service provider, over the course of the next few weeks I will help you to pick out the best streaming service in today’s market.

Please comment below if you think Bluray should stay or go and what Online streaming service you prefer.

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