Google Chrome is very flexible when it comes to customization and adding different types of extensions in it. Perhaps too flexible I’m afraid that it seems to have left a good bookmarks manager entirely up to extension developers. The good news is that developers haven’t disappointed the users and here we have an extension named “Pine” which can easily be categorized as a very good bookmark manager.

The good thing about Pine is its beautiful, lives entirely in your browser, does not consume any extra resources by running any background processes and is closed when you close your browser. It is a simple, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing browser extension that adds a P button on top right corner of your browser (next to the address bar). Click it and you will see a complete set of options to organize your bookmarks. On the left pane you will see menus like Home, favorites, explorer, tags and settings. All of these are in collapsed form and you get more options when you expand them for example when you expand explorer you get Bookmarks bar, other bookmarks and Mobile bookmarks.

Using Pine you can see your links in one place, organize them, add tags to them, rename tags and move links into other folders. You don’t have to manually import your bookmarks when you reinstall your browser, this extension imports them automatically. It also keeps them synced between your phone and your PC all the time.

Default view of the extension displays book marks as large previews. You can switch to smaller thumbnails in settings menu or even to list view in case you do not want a preview of saved link. Click a folder to expand it and see all the book marks in it.

To go to a bookmark, hover mouse over it and click “Go!” that appears. To edit a bookmark, hover mouse over it and click edit. In edit menu you get three options, changing title, moving to a different folder and adding tags.

In settings menu you have some customization available. You can limit number of items shown in collapsed view, change whether link opens in same or new tab and limit search results when you are searching through your bookmarks.

The only shortcoming of this seems to be inability to add more folders. Other than that, it looks great.

Price: Free click here to download.


nice feature! I will check it out soon.