The Nexus7 is a Kindle Fire killer and if a larger and budget friendly tablet from Asus and Google is released soon it could be an iPad killer. Over the past weeks I have been testing and using the device from checking weather to playing Grand Theft Auto. I have been learning how to fully use Google Now and other new features the Jelly Bean powered tablet has brought to the table.

The new tablet is fast and snappy when it comes to day to day use. I have not had any lag issues or any apps crashing as with other Android tablets I have owned. The new Google Play store with magazines, movies, books, music and of course apps is competing with the Fire. Some of the magazines are interactive and are optimized for tablets. It’s not just a photocopy of the magazine and actually allows for interactive page turning, enlarging pictures and also pinch to zoom.

I have enjoyed getting to taste Jelly bean but the OS is not very tablet friendly because the home screen can only be used when vertical. This is slightly annoying from going to and from apps that can only be used when horizontal then having to go to a vertical home screen. Other than this minor problem I find this tablet to be a superior tablet for the price that has been set.

The Google play store as also progressed from honeycomb and other iterations of Android. The wide array of apps have made the appeal of the tablet even larger. The games are from Grand Theft Auto to Minecraft. App Developers are looking at Android as a market that they cannot ignore any longer, and not they are developing for both Android and iOS. The live wallpapers for the devices have become more advance and have some from the NFL, NBA, and movies like the Bourne Legacy.

I have not seen any of the reported screen light leaking on my device, like other users have reported. I’ve purchased a third party case that I would like the replace later with the official case for the Nexus7. This one is just something so the screen won’t get scratched or get anything spilled on it. I am very scared to drop the tablet on the floor but lucky I have not yet, cross my fingers.

Overall I like this device because of my love for Android and what it offers for such a low price point. The Google Play store with the music, apps, magazines, movies and tv really makes the device a multimedia platform that is not only portable but also has a large enough screen to enjoy every video. The battery life with the device can last all day with games, videos, and music being played.

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