Alarm Clocks on Android devices usually offer you a good deal but it doesn’t hurt getting an extra piece of pie if that’s free. Life Time Alarm has all the basic functionality of a typical alarm plus some additional cool features. Setting multiple alarms, snooze and gradual increase in tone is something Android phones are already providing but what they aren’t offering is a touch of smartness in all these things. They offer snooze but let you keep snoozing it forever and you cannot get up for office if you develop a habit of snoozing alarms once. Life Time Alarm offers you functionality to limit the number of times you can snooze your alarm and then BLAST you out of bed with some BLASTING tones that come with it.


Most Alarm apps on Android keep running in the background all the time, consuming about 8% of phone battery. The best thing about Life Time Alarm is it does not do that, it consumes power only when it is visible to you. Moreover it does not ask for access to any of your personal information or run any hidden background processes. There is an option for setting alarm tone to your own MP3 or to Apps choices which really are impressive by the way. And in case you need to set a particular alarm a little bit earlier than usual, just tap “Ring Next Alarm Early”. You won’t have to change it back to normal later on, it does that automatically.

To fulfill the promise of “more than just an alarm” it comes with a night mode and torch light too. User interface is minimal yet beautiful and its dragging time effects gives a feel of moving through time. Group alarms, changing their colors/icons and turning them on and off is also supported.

The only drawback of this app becomes visible if you compare it to another app Timely. That one saves your alarms on the cloud so you can access them on all of your devices all the time, a feature not supported by Life Time Alarm.

Price: Free download from Google Play.