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Apple announced at WWDC that they will be releasing iTunes Radio this fall. The streaming radio service is free and is meant to be a challenger to other streaming services, like Spotify. The free price tag is meant to be one of the biggest things to lure listeners in. However, is iTunes Radio lacking in any departments that Spotify excels? Are there any aspects of iTunes Radio that is better than Spotify? We have the developer’s beta for iOS 7 and will take the time to contrast and compare iTunes Radio and Spotify.

 Pricing and Usage

iTunes Radio gets its musical arsenal from the iTunes library, which is extensive and seems to not disappoint even the most underground music lover. The iTunes library’s is almost twice as large as that of Spotify. It’s important to also mention that iTunes Radio is also free to use, there are no limits and only a couple of ads while in use.

Spotify wants you to stay a dedicated free customer so you’ll eventually purchase a subscription. This is done with unlimited accounts in the beginning becoming more restricted as time passes, the consumer truly knows what they are missing out on with Spotify.

But this piece of information about Spotify being free is irrelevant in this case, Spotify for free is not compatible on mobile devices. So, unless you want to jam by your computer, you might have to purchase Spotify or go with the free iTunes Radio.

Using iTunes Radio

Despite Spotify limiting the amount of music you listen to on the free account, iTunes Radio as a free service as a whole limits you in other ways. This is great for music discovery, bad for dedicated fans to a particular artist. Some may say, however, that iTunes’ use of iTunes Genius, which takes what you listen to and purchase and offers suitable recommendations, to be just as good in some cases in giving adequate suggestions. The App Store also has a Genius feature of sorts. Saying that iTunes Radio is free doesn’t mean that there isn’t a paid service avaliable. While it isn’t directly through iTunes Radio, individuals who have iTunes Match are able to enjoy ad-free music, among the other features of iTunes Match itself, like cloud streaming.

Final Opinion

In the end, I feel that iTunes Radio is a refreshing addition to the streaming music services out there. However, both are dangerous in terms of customer attraction. Spotify lures you in with the free version, but it’s quite limited and in the end pushes you to pay up.

iTunes Radio is free and can even be used free without any interference to push you to pay, but the limit in how you consume content is quite telling. Plus, you will feel a bit tempted to at least check out iTunes Match.

In the end, for both to have the best experience you’ll have to pay, so in that case Spotify is the way to go for serious music streaming. The average casual listener interested in a popular enough genre wouldn’t fret having iTunes Radio.


–  iTunes Radio: 3/5

–  Spotify: 4/5

Let us know in the comments below which service you feel will be the best, Spotify or iTunes Radio. Also, let us know in the comments below which aspect of iTunes Radio are you most looking forward to?

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