Now that WWDC has come and gone, the only appearance or mention of the iPhone was with iOS 7. This means that no new iPhone was announced. Some may think that this means that new iPhone rumours would subside. The opposite has occurred and new rumours about the iPhone 5S arises. Today, we will take a look at the rumours that are out there and discuss how the iPhone 5S will look, perform, and cost. Let us know in the comments below what you’d like to see most in the iPhone 5S.

The Look and Design

Let’s first start with the display of the iPhone 5S. The display will receive a high definition upgrade to what some are coining as “Super HD”. There are also rumours that, just like how there are storage choices consumers have, Apple may offer the same choices for screen (which correlates to device) size. How this will be implemented is up to Apple of course. Some have pointed to the fact that this could be expressed in Apple’s plans for a cheaper iPhone for this year as well.

The Features of the iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S will of course have a boosted camera, now expected to boast up to 13MP. That’s a high megapixel count and is on par with many Android phones on the market today. Along with an improved camera, several rumours cite a dual sim, this means that the phone will be capable to run on GSM or CDMA networks. In terms of the features department, the iPhone 5S isn’t expected to release anything mind blowing as of yet. The iOS 7 software is also expected to give the phone it’s icing on the cake of being profitable. Apple may find a way to release a feature of iOS 7 that is iPhone 5S only (maybe NFC? More on that in a bit).

The Release Date and Cost

Announcement dates aren’t as agreed upon as years past, when at least an announcement would be by the second or third Friday of June. That hasn’t happened yet. While there are some rumours that are quite credible that an announcement could still come out late June, one thing that is for sure is that a release won’t be until September or early October. If an announcement does come in June, look for the last Friday of the month for this to occur (the 28th). Some have mentioned the 29th, but a Saturday announcement of anything from Apple would be out of the norm. Not that not having an announced iPhone isn’t already out of the norm, so anything could be possible.

Going Wireless (And Wallet-less?)

We decided to save the best for last. NFC and wireless charging are, in my opinion, going to be the show stoppers if they are true, either rumour. NFC, especially, has been a wish for Apple users for years now. If such a release does occur, the time is now.

Passbook needs something extra, because many users have mentioned that it isn’t a feature they are using. Also, without either announcement in iPhone 5S, the phone’s announcement will be a mostly aesthetic announcement like the iOS 7 was to the iOS 6. Wireless charging is under the same umbrella. Possible, but definitely a show stopper if such an announcement did in fact occur.

The rumours of the iPhone 5S are sure to excite consumers looking to either upgrade or officially join the iPhone owner team. There are some features that users are excited to hear about, others that they may feel is long overdue in not receiving. Overall, it is sure that the iPhone 5S won’t disappoint.

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