Instagram has been in the news recently for rumours that the photo-sharing social network may be selling your photos in the form of advertisements. Even though the application has mentioned that they will not do this, but will rather take up a system similar to Facebook, of sponsored ads that use your profile photo, many are still a little uneasy about their photos being sold to companies for Instagram’s pocket. If you are still a little uneasy about using the Instagram application, we will go a little over the current Instagram issue and offer up some alternatives to Instagram.

What’s Going On?

 Currently, what we know is that post-Facebook/Instagram acquisition, Instagram’s terms of conditions have been sort of in a blunder. New points have been added, including the infamous point about the possibility of photos being sold. This has caused long time users to boycott the application, with some individuals, including us in this article, advocating alternatives. This has caused Instagram to release a statement saying that they wouldn’t sell you photos and would in fact even change the language of the terms to reflect this fact, however nothing has changed. Hence, people are leaving in droves for other options.

Should You Be Worried?

 Chances are, the likelihood that they will actually sell your photos for them to be used in compromising ways is slim to none. Instagram is a company Facebook acquired after all, they aren’t going to make such a decision to jeopardize their image that way. However, the issue is that it will be used in conjunction with ads that Instagram and Facebook thinks you like, similar to sponsored ads on Facebook currently, and will attach your profile photo with it. The issue then becomes, are you not liking the idea of possibly being associated with a brand you truly aren’t okay with associating with. If this is the case, let’s look at some alternatives to ease your mind, but I advise you continue to enjoy Instagram for now.

 The Alternatives

Hipstamatic – If you are looking for the closest alternative to Instagram for iOS users, then Hipstamatic is the application you may be looking for. Some benefits, it provides a ton of options, however it costs and when you get more filters, this really adds up. ($0.99)

PicYou – Looking for something cheaper, PicYou offers the features of Hipstamatic and the feel of Instagram. You also have the ability to add new filters ($1 more). However, one plus for PicYou compared to Instagram is that sharing is more instant, and one thing in favour of PicYou compared to Hipstamatic is that it’s free to download from the app store. (Free)

Camera+ – The cheapest paid option on this list is Camera+. The application is more focused on photo editing rather than “Insta”gram sharing. However, the sharing options are there, and the photo editing options are quite extensive. I have even found myself giving my photos a quick Camera+ pitstop before heading to the final Instagram destination. ($1)

Camera Awesome – Okay, we get it, you don’t want to have to pay anything to share photos. If this is the case for you, then Camera Awesome is the awesome application you have been looking for. Camera Awesome incorporates all of the features mentioned above. You get the full use at a free cost, like PicYou, while still having extra filter options at a cost, like Hipstamatic, and it’s more focused on sharing on other social media websites rather than their own community (like Camera+).  You won’t get the editing features like Camera+, but  it works well! (Free)

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