Earphones – they are all the same, right? We tend to think so since there are SO many on the market, but the truth is that many of them have something special to offer, and that’s what I was hoping for as I took the FitActive Sports Earphones from iLuv for a test drive.

The FitActive earphones that I tested were the iEP415 model, and although we’ve had some good experience with iLuv products in the past I wasn’t sure what to expect since we’ve never tested any of their headphones or earphones before. My initial impression when seeing the packaging was that they looked like a sleeker version of the old Apple earphones but when taking them out of the package it became apparent that the design was unique.


The first thing that catches your eye about the iEP415 FitActive earphones is the different size ear-tips that are designed to fit within the shape of your ear and focus the audio into your ear canal. iLuv says that the FitActive earphones were “creatively designed to perfectly suit the needs of sporty people who enjoy being outdoors.” They are definitely stylish and the unique ear brace and earbud shape are different from your everyday earphones, and definitely a step above others in the same price range. The inline SpeakEZ Remote allows you to control your idevice, works as a volume control as well as answer phone calls with the built in microphone.


I tested the iEP415 with an iPad as well as an iPhone 5. I used them to listen to a podcast, hear the sound from a YouTube video, listen to and change tracks on my iTunes library and to answer calls on the iPhone. After getting the hang of using the inline remote (Play, Pause, Next Track, Previous Track), I found that the SpeakEZ remote was very responsive and I didn’t have the issues I’ve had with my other earphones with remotes. Although the sound was not ‘concert quality’, I was very pleased with the range and tone for earphones in this price range.

The only complaint I had was the microphone seemed to be a little ‘weak’ during phone calls, but I have definitely used far worse earphone mics and iLuv has definitely put together a nice product here


Overall I was more than pleased (and pleasantly surprised) with the iEP415 FitActive Earphones and was amazed that this product from iLuv can be found for under $20 online. I’ve used earphones and headphones that cost 3-4 times this much that lack the quality and versatility that these earphones have, and the secure fit in ear brace and three different sizes of earbuds make these a steal at the price. I was also intrigued by the ear bud design that allows for outside sounds to be heard along with the music which is so important if you are using these for running or any outdoor exercise and need to be aware of your surroundings. The design also allows for you to wear them with any type of glasses, goggles or helmets which is crucial for those with an active lifestyle.

You can buy the iEP415 FitActive earphones on the iLuv website for $29.99, but we found them for about 1/2 that price on Amazon.com.


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