In the past Grand Theft Auto has been a game where you run around the map endlessly, and not follow the storyline. The other versions have had beautiful graphics, lots of customizable clothes and vehicles, and were very detail oriented. Now the next iteration of GTA has set the bar high for video games. To say that this game is just a video game is a understatement. The game smarter than it ever has, and cops will arrest others who break laws. Other characters will operate and run their own live while you play as a different character.

The first thing you’ll notice about the game is the beautiful graphics, and how everything works as if the game was real life. The ability to fly planes is one of the coolest and newest features that makes the game stand apart from others. The police response is interactive now, and they have to see you to keep track of you. However the cops are smarter, I think its easier to escape from them when you commit a small crime. The larger crimes have responses from the military that located at the local military base. They use missiles, guns, and anything at their disposal in the real world.

The selection of cars is endless, and customization of the cars is almost unlimited. Clothing, washing cars, buying weapons, and having a life is now the way to play GTA. Now there are more leisure mini-games and more like a SIMS game than a tradition GTA game. With each character in the game having their special skills it offers more to advance the game play. There are four different characters each with their own story and each with their own story that will help you during their missions.  You’re able to switch and pick your character while you’re playing.

If you unlock all the characters you’ll be able to switch between them during missions, or while you’re in the open world. This is the first time GTA has had more than one character or one storyline, which makes the game even harder to accomplish. On Top of that, there is a never ending amount of extra missions and goals to complete. These include parachuting, hunting, scuba diving, roller coasters, other leisure sports.

All in all the game for me is more about how smart everything is, and how much thought they have put into it. The game is no longer just shooting, killing civilians, and committing crimes, but a game that you can have a second life in. I would recommend everyone takes a look at this version of GTA, and admire all the work that Rockstar has put into the game. The graphics are what I have admired so far the most, everything looks so real and lifelike. The games a huge improvement and this is the first next generation game to come this year. We’ll see Battle Field 4, Watchdogs, Call of Duty, and others that have better rendering engines. These games are smarter and more interactive more than ever.