green Hosting

Green hosting,: Now web companies host, not only for their clients but for the environment as, well even though the idea of green coupled with hosting might not be that clear, but the association of the word green surely indicates the involvement of environment. Web hosting is where a service provider provides websites with adequate space on the server so that they can make their websites accessible via the Internet. Green hosting is a type of web hosting service that deals with the deployment of Eco-friendly technologies.

Going green is the need of the hour

Green HostingEstimated facts reflect that the number of internet users is growing at an unbelievable rate of 4 to 10 times a year which essentially means that the figure of growth is touching the 1000% mark. At current rates of energy consumption and waste generation from the web hosting industry, it has come to be roughly estimated that continuing at this rate would only mean that by the end of the decade, the web hosting industry will surpass the airline industry in the magnitude of waste generation.

Green hosting is the idea of all gain and no pain

Green hosting is a complete win-win situation where a trend to safeguard the environment begins and it comes to be expected that clients and other web hosting companies will follow suit.

  • Social Identity:  Working for the environment creates a social identity and more than that creates a social image in the minds of the clients.
  • Environment friendliness: Green hosting is all about being environment friendly and getting a chance to preserve the environment for generations to come.
  • Efficient marketing strategy: Greater social acceptance also implies that green hosting can be built upon as a rallying point in marketing products and services.
  • Cost efficiency: Renewable energy sources cost much less and in many cases are highly subsidized too. This means that companies can create utility along with creating an efficient cost structure.
  • Image+ discounts+ rebates: This is a three tier benefit wherein a green hosting company gets the benefits of a social image coupled with the discounts and tax rebates NGOs and the Government.

Ways to Web host the green way

There are a number of ways that one can web host in a green way.

  • Carbon Offsetting: This is a process that targets carbon emissions and endeavours to reduce it to the extent possible.
  • Green marketing: This is a strategy where web hosting companies not only go for products and services that are environment friendly; rather, they also focus on building relationships with consumers who are environmentally concerned.

  • Renewable energy sources: Green Hosting tries to make the entire web hosting process energy efficient plus it also emphasises on the use of renewable energy sources.

Green hosting with Olexor Technologies

Olexor is a company that provides its clients with web development, design, hosting and mobile app development apart from the SEO services that already dominate the platter of services on offer.  The company has created a niche for itself in the web hosting industry by providing reliable, green and affordable web hosting services to its clients which you can check by visiting this link:


In the recent times, the company has taken to innovating itself for the better. Along with addressing technological issues, this web hosting company has focused greatly on the green hosting concept. Efforts to deviate from the conventional web hosting to work in energy efficient ways have been at the bull’s eye of the company’s green campaign. Learning of the huge carbon emissions that their web hosting services were generating, the company switched over to being carbon neutral.

With Olexor you don’t have to worry about increased costs as a result of the green hosting campaign. The billing continues to be optimized with the best environment-friendly services. Every cent paid to the company is worth the penny. Moreover, the fact that the company has switched over to more renewable energy sources has meant that the company is being able to provide the same benefits with much more cost efficiency. With complete focus on environmental protection, Olexor is doing its every bit to use renewable energy sources and host the green way.