• Have you come across a situation where you have been trying hard to find a reliable hosting provider amongst the millions out there?
  • What happens you run a quick google search for the best hosting provider?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the results that come up?

Well, I was too, and mostly all the results that came up looked like sites with a marketing agenda or sites that earned commission through back links.Secondly I know you have undoubtedly come across the term 99.9 % uptime – what does that mean? Well, that means your website will remain up without any issues or downtime for most of the time and the only time it can probably go down is when they are pushing system updates or upgrades.

Ok now back to the question, How do you still consider choosing the right provider?

  • Based on a network uptime?
  • Based on a good looking website?
  • Based on the customer service?

During my initial hunt for a good provider, I was lured away by the dashing looking websites of the service providers and though they should be really close and started doing some research on them and found out that on deeper inspection I should be looking at choosing the service provider based on the customer service, and that’s how I came across the Hostgator.com. Still a bit skeptical, I decided to jump in and give HostGator a try, I must say the process was simple and straight forward.I sent up my first blogging site techshebang.com.While in the process I contacted their support numerous times and each, and every time they would provide me with the best support, I was never unsatisfied, occasionally there was the long waiting time of up to half an hour to get in touch with their support VIA chat.There was this one incident where I ran some WordPress updates, and something went wrong with the database, and I was completely stuck and worried I lost everything.I contacted their support, and they helped to get the site back up although it occurred due to my error, they didn’t even charge me for fixing it, Now that is real customer service – I mean top-notch customer service.

They provide hosting shared hosting, VPS hosting and finally Dedicated server hosting.For most bloggers and first timers shared hosting will suffice.If you are into medium scale e-commerce then you should probably look into Virtual Private Server hosting – this plan is more expensive because it guarantees a certain chunk of the system resources(RAM & CPU) in order to keep your e-commerce website running smoothly.The Dedicated Server hosting is meant for large-scale where an entire physical server is dedicated to you, and this is usually intended for a large-scale e-commerce website, travel booking sites that have more than 10000 unique users and financial transactions per day.

Hopefully, this review has provided you some insight into choosing the right hosting provider; I will come back next week with in an in-depth article on shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated hosting.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below 🙂

Matching Couple Hoodies
Matching Couple Hoodies

I have been used Hostgator for long time. It has good support with flexible prices and quality stability. Would recommend to people who are looking for affordable hosting providers.

Mattress Topper
Mattress Topper

I used to use Hostgator. It seems to be good because of its service and quality. Flexible package with monthly fees or annual fees. Stable with ease-to-use. I totally agreed with the analysis above.

MN Web Design
MN Web Design

well! There are a lot of hosting providers out there. It's usually "what you pay, what you get". We provide full web design services in Minneapolis, MN. So, we usually work with many best hosting providers in US..Thanks for one more suggestion!

AntonyRaphael moderator

@MN Web Design  thats true, which hosting do you use ? 

I have tried many providers, but HostGator always came on top when it comes to customer satisfaction