Android is known for its amazing widgets and customization but when it comes to Calendar their isn`t much to say. Most calendar apps are just not that much user friendly and they are also ugly. Google Calendar is a good option but still it lacks many features and iOS on the other hand comes with Tons of third-party calendar apps with astonishing features. Sunrise Calendar is one of Apple`s devices popular calendar app which is now available on Android also. The app comes rich with features which Android lack like Agenda, week and month view, weather information, Google Maps for directions, and also Facebook integration so you will never miss important events.


What makes Sunrise different from others is its clean and user friendly UI and it can sync content on Social media services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare. The app can sync data from iCloud Calendar also making it easy to switch between iOS and Android.

The main calendar show almost all important information in one place and give you the freedom to switch view modes. The menu is quite slick and navigating through it feels like a breeze. In the main menu you can checkout future agenda by scrolling through the calendar and you can also create a new event and add details about it.

Sunrise also comes with Google Maps integration which means if a particular event is being held somewhere it will also guide you with the directions. The app also has Home screen widget which can tell you about important events right from the home screen instead of opening whole interface. You can also customize the app from options like configure notifications, set temperature unit, specify week start day and you can also set Sunrise as default Calendar.

Sunrise does come with amazing features and brings what Android lacks but still it also has its negative side. There is no support of tablets and Home screen widget is limited to Agenda view lacking other view modes. You also cannot quickly search for events as there is no search bar.

There is also a Web version so you could sync data across web and mobile. The Android version is completely free and you can download it from Google Play.

Click here to download Sunrise Calendar from Google Play Store