Snapchat, an app which is popular for instantaneously editing and sharing photos and videos, has been blown away by an app launched by Facebook by the name of Slingshot. This app seems a little like the idea of Snapchat, but the features that Facebook has put in, has made it very unique in its own way.

According to the creator of Slingshot, Joey Flynn, “With Slingshot, we wanted to build something where everybody is a creator and nobody is just a spectator.” In Slingshot you cannot view the photos or “shots” of other people until you share or “sling” your own photo or video. Where this new feature is interesting, it’s also a little bit annoying for people. Once you view the photo or video, it only lasts there until you swipe it off and it is not saved. The same type of feature was present in Facebook’s previous release “Poke”, only the pictures lasted a few seconds until they “exploded”

Slingshot is available on Google Play for users having Android Jelly Bean or Kit Kat and on iOS 7 for iPhone. It is available currently in the United States, but will be available in other counties as well in the near future.

Slingshot is one of the surprising and bold moves of Facebook since it has put Facebook directly as the rival of Snapchat. Still Facebook is not directly publicizing Slingshot with its big name, which is also a bold move, and the creators are saying that they want to grow this on people steadily.

Like Snapshot, when sending a photo or a video, you can quickly edit it by using the simplest tools of editing like putting a soundtrack in the video and cutting it. The video is limited to 15 seconds. But unlike Snapshot, Slingshot can “sling” content to groups of contacts. The contacts are simply taken from the contact list of your smartphone or your Facebook contacts. With “select all” button you can easily “sling” to all your contacts.

For US users, download Slingshot from here.