When Tim Cook approached the stage yesterday in San Francisco, he had an arsenal loaded with amazing software, services and products to unleash to the millions of fans watching worldwide. WWDC 2014 was a great success mainly because Apple addressed each and every detail of the software loopholes of the company. Yes we didn’t get the expected iPhone 6, but fans can wait till September and meanwhile get themselves comfortable with the dozens of new additions, OS X, and on the top of everything, the ravishing iOS 8. Apple showed new operating system for iPad, iPhone and Mac and also many other new features related to health-tracking, keyboard integration and smart home markets etc. Here`s a quick review of what happened at WWDC 2014.

iOS 8

Keyboard can now provide predictive text which we all waited for. Some gestures are added to mail like swiping to delete the email.

Messages involve location sharing, tap to talk feature and active notification feature which lets you go to notification without leaving current activity. There is Family sharing feature, with which you can share iTunes content up to six family members. Now iCloud Drive can share files between your iOS, windows and Mac.

X Yosemite

X Yosemite is the new Desktop operating system for Mac OS X 10.10. It’s completely redesigned and now gives a cleaner look kind a like iOS 7. Now with your iPhone you can make and receive calls from your Mac and also receive text messages from other phone users. Notification Center can be customized with widgets from Apple Store. Safari is also redesigned with more slick and slimmer menu bar. There is a search bar in the middle of the screen of Spotlight and AirDrop can work between Mac and iOS.

Health App

Apple has given amazing Healthkit SDK for the developers in order to use and extend the amazing health oriented apps and services from iOS 8. Apple has also launched a new app called ‘Health’ which will track all your fitness related information. The app will be able to receive data from other third-party apps like Nike to provide all information related to health in one place.

New widgets for Keyboard and Notification Center

There is new feature called ‘Extensibility’ which will let apps to share some aspects of their working with other apps. With this developers can now create widgets for iOS just like android. This will allow developers build their own keyboards in to their apps.

Family Sharing

This will allow up to six people to share iTunes purchases when the same Credit card is linked to everyone`s account. Due to this children will be able to make purchase from parent’s credit card with their permission.


HomeKit will allow users to control lights, locks, cameras, thermostats, doors, plugs and switches of house from one iOS 8 app instead of one for every function.

Improvements to App Store

Many new improvements have been made in App store, which were asked by developers. Now developers can sale apps as bundle of apps and they will be able to post videos on description page. Apple also developed its own programming language called Swift.