The hottest video game expo of the year, E3, started June 11th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The expo, which lasts until the 13th of June, will be the main venue for game manufacturers to present some of the hottest games and video gaming merchandise for the coming year. The 18 year old expo is known as E3, which stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo. With the first day already behind us, let’s go over what was shown off. Let us know in the comments below what you are excited to hear come out.

Hardware News

Some of the biggest announcements that set the tone for gaming announcements was that involving hardware. The two

hardware manufacturers, Microsoft and Sony, both had announcements of their own involving the releases of the Xbox One and Playstation 4, respectively.

Late fall, consumers will be able to purchase the Xbox One, announced back in May, in stores for $499. The counsel will make use of Blu-ray Discs in game play and boasts 500 GB of storage capacity, 8GB DDR3, 5GB of which is for game play. There are three USB ports and an HDMI port, with the continued ability to enjoy Xbox Live.

There’s a 1080p Kinect camera available as well. The Playstation 4 is set for release by years end


for $399. The gaming system has DVD and Blu-Ray Disc support, a 500GB hard drive, and an 8 GB GDDR5 memory capacity with 7GB dedicated for gaming. The Playstation 4 has WIFI, Bluetooth, along with USB and Ethernet support. But enough about gaming systems, E3 is about the games after all!

Game News

Being the main venue for gaming announcements, E3 didn’t disappoint on their first day at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Several games were already announced at the expo, from many of the gaming manufacturers we all know and love. Along with the Xbox One release date announcement, Microsoft announced several games that will be Xbox One compatible.

The biggest being a new addition to the Halo series. Currently untitled, the new Halo is Xbox One only at the moment. This isn’t the only game dedicated to Xbox One at the moment, Battlefield 4 also announced that they will be riding solo with Xbox One for the time being. This is all along with the countless other games announced by Microsoft, from zombie games to racing, and a ton of others in between.

EA announced a new induction of Plants vs. Zombies, called Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. A couple of questions are arising toward EA about what they’ll do about their new acquisition of the Star Wars license. There’s a lot to expect in the coming months. EA also was proud to announce the long awaited Mirror’s Edge 2, despite there not being a set release date as of yet.

Sony’s mind was mainly on the Playstation 4, as a way of keeping momentum due to their release being so late in the year. However, the company did announce the release of The Order 1886, with trailers currently available online now. Ubisoft announced three new inductions of their most popular titles, including Rocksmith 2014, Assassins Creed IV, and Watch dogs. The new open-world racing game, The Crew, also made an announcement at E3.

What did you like about E3’s first day? Let us know in the comments below.

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