The much hyped Apple Worldwide Developer conference 2012 finally lived up to people expectation. The awaited IOS 7 was finally showcased at the conference held at San Francisco on 12TH July 2013. Talking in terms of interface, this is definitely one of the most important updates Apple has ever released. Apple has taken a different initiation by presenting something different its distinctive Apple icons and usability. Apple has announced that the update shall be available in the market for the users in the month of September.

Looking at some of the major changes that will be made available for iPhone 4S,5,4, iPad 2,3&4, iPad mini and 5th generation iPods. The previous appearance have been redefined and the new look is very different from the previous Apple operating system. Icons and gradients are closer to Windows look. With new interface being introduced, many of the apps have got new icons. It has been focused to be present the icons simpler and with more options. Options like turning Wi-Fi on, airplane mode on or off, Bluetooth, music options and adjusting screen brightness have been carefully designed in a control centre with a new look.

A lot has been emphasized on the music quality in this update. Apple says “this is the best music player we have ever done”. The eagerly wait for iRadio has finally come to an end. The IOS 7 includes the much awaited iRadio which allows streaming of thousands of music tracks.

The previous update had limitations on tabs, allowing only 8 of them running with a traditional tab look. Safari has now got a little different look, with unlimited tabs in 3D format and a smaller URL bar. Coupled to this, we now have a bookmark options that receives links from other sources and makes it easier for the user to view them through a native application. The IOS 7 Siri would be made available in male or female voice, depending upon the user’s choice and now can get information from Wikipedia, Twitter and Bing. Yes! Bing has been preferred over Google.

New options such as round, square and panoramic lens shapes have been added to the camera section. One could also add filters before clicking a picture and the picture album have now been better organized. The album now shows the date on which picture was taken, location or event and also allows to view all clicked pictures together in one big collage. No wonder the new colors and icons would take some amount of time to get used to, however it can be promised that the users are going to love it because of a better interface and usability. One negative comment would be that some features are very much inclined to the new iPhone models. Probably the company is set to launch new models at a later period during the year.

Overall the Apple developer conference has been highly successful, keeping in mind those very few leaks about changes and features. By the time Apple works out on some minor issues and release the update by this year, most would still agree that this is one of the best updates till date by the company.

The most sophisticated operating system for the desktop has become the new highlight of the Conference. It is no more the iOS but the OS X Mavericks that is making headlines right now.

The key features of this Operating system are going to be iBooks, maps, Calendar, Multiple displays, finder tabs, notifications, tags, advanced technologies and the list is never going to end. The iBook store is going to be a database of over 1.8 million books that can be downloaded within seconds. And here is the best part for fans of Apple, that the books that you have already downloaded on your iPhone, iPad or iPad touch will become mechanically as a part of the iBook store installed on your Mac. This is not just about accessing a database of books but a lot whole lot of things that you can do with these books. You can take notes, add bookmarks, and highlight important lines and more.

It is quite true that the OS Maverick has features that you just won’t be able to resist. Maps are inbuilt in Mails, Calendars and Contacts. This means that the moment any address features on your Contacts lists or the Mail, you can instantly access the same using Maps. This recent release from Apple comes packaged with a complete 3D experience that makes the entire looking for the correct address interactive like it was never before. Apple has made it quite clear that if you are working with Maverick, you are sure to fall in love with Safari. With so much that can now be associated with this browser, you will have a chance to lay your hands on some of the best power saving technologies ever developed. Browsing the net with Safari would also mean that it will be easier to visit the sites that one visits most often.

When Apple released the OS Maverick, it couldn’t have been any clearer that Apple has tried to put every breathtaking research over the past one year to come out with an awesome OS. There is the iCloud Keychain to track all your passwords and keep them encrypted but well within the reach for you. Apple also made it clear that its many users are never going to be bored of the interactive interface. The platform is just awesome to work and interact with and the multiple screen displays will catch you by surprise every time. The third day of the conference amply revealed that Apple is all set to make and develop products that are much more fun and interactive and that are fully able to capitalize on the easy and engaging interface. No doubt the conference is quite a bag of surprises, with each day being a pleasant surprise. With the WWDC, San Francisco is indeed on fire.

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