Every year, around late July or early August, Apple offers a back to school promotion for college students to get their tech necessities at a much lower cost. This is already significant for Apple, a company that usually shies away from giving dramatic discounts. However, one other aspect that is specific to this year’s promotion that we found a bit dramatic was that the iPhone was included in some of the other deals, usually reserved for iPod Touch devices and Macs.


First off, students who purchase an iPhone or iPad will be able to receive a $50 gift card with their purchase. The gift card can be used all of Apple’s digital stores, like the Mac App Store, App Store, and iBookstore. Mac purchasers will receive a $100 gift card.

Seems like an attractive deal, right? Because this is a ‘Back to School’ promotion, as mentioned before being geared toward students, you’ll have to be a college student, student with a college acceptance, a primary, middle, high school, or college staff or teacher, or the parent of a college student to take part. The promotion runs until September 6th, 2013.

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