Cloud storage is the way of the future for many individuals to save their information in a safe space. This is a long way from the floppy disk and even the USB drive. However, the choices available for these cloud enthusiasts are growing, all offering their own special feature that sets them apart from the others. The biggest challenge for those looking into cloud storage is which one is best for them. Which option is the safest, omnipresent in the gadgets they use, and offers the biggest bang for their buck. Today, we will compare and come to a conclusion on this.

  What is Cloud Storage?
 Cloud storage is literally a virtual way to save everything you have online. This includes documents, music, photos, and more. Seen as a contemporary alternative to USB or hard drives, cloud storage means that your stuff is available securely everywhere you find yourself going. Depending on the option, this can mean wherever the software is downloaded or even any device that allows you to visit their website. The biggest thing those interested in cloud storage should look at is pricing and storage size options. Most big name cloud storage options, the only ones we are focusing on in this article, offer optimal security so this won’t be a huge worry in our decision making today. What Are The Options Available?

Today, we will focus on four big name cloud storage options that are popular among users today. This includes iCloud, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. iCloud is very well known, but only available fully for Apple iOS and OS X owners. Box and Dropbox are software in their own rite, developed standalone and aren’t connected to any outside companies, as is the case with iCloud and Apple and Google Drive with Google. Dropbox and Box are more tied to desktop applications, iCloud is omnipresent throughout various  features in your Apple device, from Apple mail to iTunes. Google Drive is focused more on the website. While there is desktop software available, Google Docs and other website programs make use of it more.

Separating the Best from the Rest

Below we have a chart that compares the main features that those interested in cloud storage should look for. In addition, this is a way for you to make a mental note of which options look appealing before we go more into making a choice based on your needs.




Google Drive

Storage Options

5GB, 20GB and 50GB 5 GB for free users. Up to Unlimited for Enterprise Users 2GB free with 500MB each time you refer. Up to 100GB with paid. 5GB free, up to 16TB Paid


5GB- Free; 20GB for $40/year; and 50GB for $100/year 5GB for free, 25GB for $9.99, $50GB for $19.99Business users get 1TB for $15 per user per month. Unlimited Enterprise are case by case. 2GB free with 500MB each time you refer.100GB – $99/yr

200GB – $199/yr

500GB – $499/yr

$30/year – 25GB$60/year – 100GB


iOS, Mac, and Windows 7 All mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry etc)Windows and Mac Desktop Windows, Mac, Linux, and Online Android, Windows, Mac, Online

Collaboration Friendly?

None Yes Yes Yes – Online and Google Docs

Upload Limit (How large each download file can be)

None 250MB for Free 5GB users. 1GB for $9.99 and $19.99 users. Business and Enterprise Users are 2GB downloads. Up to 2GB on paid business accounts, 25MB – 100MB for free accounts. 10GB

Which is Best for Your Needs


iCloud is a perfect option for those who have Apple devices. You have the ability to keep your iCal updated, contacts move with you when you change devices, you have the ability to keep notes together as well, plus, various applications work with iCloud, including games like Pocket Planes.

Dropbox are perfect for extended collaboration options. Individuals who are looking to quickly create a collaborative document or file will make perfect use of Dropbox. All you have to do is invite the individual through email, even if they don’t have an application downloaded, they can still update documents.Box is certainly a business friendly option. Being the only “unlimited uploads” option we are reviewing, Box is a must. However, even if you aren’t a business user, the pricing and availability options are cost effective for any user – even personal users.

Google Drive is perfect for individuals who want to focus more on website options instead of focusing on desktop applications.

The ability to easily update documents with Google Docs makes it perfect for individuals who want toquickly edit a document from anywhere they are. This makes collaboration easy to facilitate as well.

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